AGE: 20
HOMETOWN: Ndjamena, Chad
ETHNICITY: African-Chadian
EDUCATION: Currently pursuing a BA in Global Affairs with a concentration in International Development and a minor in Women & Gender Studies
WORK: Activist

Behind the big and bright smile that Tanya Carrie Donangmaye is known to have, there is a powerful story. Born in Chad, Tanya came to the United States at the age of four and settled in Falls Church, Virginia where she spent most of her childhood. Growing up in a diverse area and having friends from all over the world played a huge role in building her global perspective and developing her appreciation for diversity. Tanya’s curious nature opened her eyes at a very young age to the stark reality of the great pain that exists in the world. She refused to ignore this pain, and wanted to alleviate as much of it as she possibly could. She became heavily involved in the community, especially after high school, and vowed that she would change the lives of millions throughout her life. She has been a part of many community outreach projects and has used her strong public speaking skills to deliver many captivating and passionate speeches on the importance of investing in women, especially those in developing countries.

Currently, Tanya operates a website which she is using to promote gender equality, speak against gender based violence and demand for stronger penalties for heinous crimes such as rape. She is the voice of the voiceless, and is dedicating her life to advocating for the advancement of women and equal rights in all nations. She wants to reform the perception of women, restore hope and desires to make opportunities to allow women to write their own destinies. When asked why she is so passionate about the advancement of women worldwide, she replied, “I cannot fully be free until we are all free. Every woman’s suffering is mine, and as long as even one woman is suffering I must continue to advocate and fight!”

Tanya is currently working on promoting and gaining visibility for She is determined to reach as many people through her website as possible. In terms of her career goals, once she finishes her B.A next spring, Tanya is either considering going directly into a graduate program or taking a couple years off to pursue projects with the Peace Corp. Once she has completed her graduate program, Tanya plans to work within foreign affairs either through the US Department of State or the United Nations on projects aimed at the advancement of women in developing nations. Her ultimate goal is to be able to one day create a large non profit aimed at funding young women in developing nations pursue their educational and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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