AGE: 26
HOMETOWN: Kumasi, Ghana
ETHNICITY: African – Ghanaian
EDUCATION: B.A., Alcorn State University Lorman, Mississippi (2008) M.A., Clark University Worcester, Massachusetts (2010)
WORK: Writer & Public Speaker

Nathan Wise is a young African writer, performer and entrepreneur whose life story is as unique as the Kente bow ties and fedora hats that he wears. He was born in Kumasi and migrated to Greensboro, North Carolina at the age of four. Following a brief stint in Greensboro, Wise and his family moved to Massachusetts. Being born in a different country has given Nathan a culturally sensitive outlook on people and their experiences, which is a theme that finds itself in much of his writing. Nathan has taken his background in the performing arts, to inspire his writings and ventures, which are geared heavily towards youth empowerment (particularly African youth).

Nathan considers himself as a person who is simply looking to empower people through the power of spoken word from film scripts, poetry, spoken word, screenplays, blogs, songwriting, and hosting. Nathan finds different ways to share his words of wisdom with whoever is willing to listen. As a young African pursuer, his writings have given him the opportunity to travel and meet some of the premiere organizations involved in Africa’s empowerment and development. Nathan’s appreciation for music has given him an eclectic palette that fills his iPhone 4 with songs from artist from all around the world.

Attending schools like Clark University (MA) and Alcorn State University (MS) nurtured a habit of reading while watching his uncle preach every Sunday influenced Nathan’s appreciation for community activism and the spoken word.

Nathan considers himself a “dream weaver” whose own tumultuous journey to the ranks of success has been a testament to the very people he hopes to inspire.

Nathan is a very ambitious young pursuer currently working on his PhD in Educational Leadership at Simmons College. He looks to return to his home country of Ghana someday and use his affinity for words and public speaking to inspire development and empowerment.

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