Grow with Nigeria (GWN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving secondary school and university students the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about their careers. The goal of the organization is to demystify the process of career development, and give Nigerian secondary school students a strong foundation for their collegiate and professional lives. GWN’s purpose is to empower the next generation of Nigerian professionals to anticipate and respond to the existing needs of their communities by ensuring that students are well informed about prospective careers.

The Nigerian education system has traditionally focused on theoretical knowledge. Students typically acquire most of their knowledge and/or training from textbooks and lecture notes, and there are few opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of prospective careers before choosing a career path. Such training methods often produce under motivated individuals with limited understanding of the intricacies of their chosen profession, and the needs of the communities/industries they work in. This is the challenge that Grow With Nigeria has identified to tackle. We want to reduce the pressures of career decision-making by offering a system to clarify interests, skills, and values of students, as related to the ever-changing world.

GWN provides hands-on learning opportunities to clarify the realities of students’ chosen careers. Our programs are designed to build a stronger understanding of different industries and the existing global industrial climate. GWN monitors students’ growth over their program experience and beyond, and offers support to advance students through their career trajectories. We also provide opportunities for students to continue to advance themselves professionally, by offering trainings in specific skill sets that are tailored towards their areas of interest. These skill sets are not only complementary to their technical skills, but also necessary for collegiate and career success. Finally, GWN connects students to mentors through our mentor program, and fosters collaboration among GWN alumni, professionals, and institutions, locally and internationally.

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