AGE: 34
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s in Psychology | Virginia Commonwealth Uni
WORK: Founder of Reel Worldwide Underground Link

Rebekah A. Frimpong is a Ghanaian-American who describes herself as a filmmaker, poet, curator, and activist. Rebekah grew up with a great appreciation for the arts thanks to the exposure her mother provided her at an early age. Rebekah in her youth, studied tap dance, ballet, and was a saxophonist in jazz orchestra. It was this exposure to the arts and her experimentation with painting, crafts, and poetry that led to her developing a passion for the arts. Rebekah holds a Bachelor's (Pre-Med) degree in Psychology and Life Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, contributing to her varied background in the arts and sciences. Rebekah embraces both science and the arts and has used both to passions to engage in outreach work in underserved communities worldwide for the past 15 years.

In addition, Rebekah has facilitated and created mentoring projects and successful educational programs in Philadelphia, New York, and in a few African countries. In 2007, she found a non-profit organization with her friends called RWUL (Reel Worldwide Underground Link). RWUL is a non-profit organization that uses the art form of film and digital media as an outreach tool in the community to educate people about cross cultural awareness. Through RWUL, Rebekah host film festivals, screenings, and workshops free to public. To date, Rebekah has produced five separate film festivals and hosted over 30 public film screenings. RWUL is currently producing the “I Luv Africa” Film Festival and The RWUL Film Academy in Ghana, West Africa.

In 2008, after the loss of her mother, Rebekah decided to pursue more aggressively her love for the arts; in particular film. She made her first documentary film called “HER” which documented seven young female artists and their journey in the pursuit of their dreams. Then in 2010, Rebekah went onto produce and write the documentary film “Vanishing Seeds” in Haiti which won her acclaim and recognition for her commitment to environmental issues and international outreach work. Rebekah worked with Trees for the Future in making “Vanishing Seeds” which was about the movement in Haiti to fight against soil degradation with tree planting programs.

All of Rebekah’s creative work is done under her own personal creative think tank and Production Company called BGNB (Black Girl Named Becky) Productions which officially she started in 2006 as an outlet to network with other artists and creative projects. BGNB Productions serves as a hub for harvesting her creative ideas and then she puts them into action. From 2008 to 2014 Rebekah has produced four short films and a web series under BGNB productions. In addition, Rebekah has published through BGNB Productions an online magazine called YAV Magazine dedicated to celebrating the work of young African visionaries worldwide.

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