AGE: 18
EDUCATION: North High School

My name is Taiwo Abegunde and I am a graduate of North High School’s class of 2015. I was born on July 11, 1997 in Worcester Massachusetts. This was just a few years after my parents came from Nigeria to live in America. My family consists of my father, mother, two sisters, and myself. With my parents attempting to send three children to college I always knew that I couldn’t slack off. I had to work hard and overcome any obstacle that came my way.

Throughout my high school career I have excelled in my academics. I have maintained a high G.P.A for four years and I am now ranked 11 in my class. As a student I took rigorous courses. Within these four years in high school career I have taken five AP courses. My hard work was also recognized by my school because I was chosen to be a member of both the National Honor Society and the Collegiate Success Institute.  One of my biggest achievements was being one out of the two people chosen by my school to participate in the National Youth Leadership Forum: Medicine. This basically was an all-expense trip to Los Angeles to learn about medicine. This opened my eyes to the many careers in the medical field.

I was a part of many extracurricular activities during high school. I was a member of the robotics team and the Health Occupational Student Association, and Student Council. I also participated in the Upward Bound Program, was junior varsity captain for the North High Volleyball Team, and I am a peer leader at Hope Coalition. As you can see I am just a member in mostly all of these things. I know what you are thinking. How can someone who is just a member in everything be a leader? To me a leader doesn’t always have to be in the front and give out commands. I believe that a leader is someone who acts as a role model by doing positive things and works together with others to complete a common goal for the group. As long as I follow these guidelines then I believe that I am a leader.

I believe that I am very active in my community. As a peer leader I do community service with Hope Coalition. Our goal is to show Worcester that youth are capable of doing positive things for the community. One of our projects that I am most proud of in participating is our Tobacco/ E-Cigarettes Campaign. The goal of this project was to reduce youth smoking rates and also educate them about the risks of e-cigarettes. My role in this project was to go into various stores and collect data. I had to record the number of tobacco ads and different brands. From doing this I learned that the tobacco industry’s targets youth by making flavored products to make tobacco seem like candy to them and they also put tobacco ads in low places to make sure that children can see them at their own eye levels. After I collected the data I was chosen by the group to speak about the data we collected at city hall. From this experience I gained organizational and public speaking skills.

My goals and aspiration in life can be described with one word, success. The dictionary’s definition of success is that success is the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors or to accomplish one’s goals. My definition of success is to reach one’s fullest potential.  To reach my goals will not be easy. My education goals are to graduate from a 4-year college or university as biology major. Next I would pursue medical school. Then I would go through my 2-year residency at a hospital.

Finally I would reach my dream of becoming a general practitioner. A general practitioner is a medical doctor who is trained to provide primary health care to patients of either sex or any age.  To others, general practitioners may be viewed as just checkup doctors but to me they are the most important doctors.  When you have a problem they are the doctors that find out what is wrong you first. By becoming a general practitioner I will be able to fulfill my desire of helping people. My goals and aspirations may seem difficult but I will continue to strive towards because I know that reach I can reach them.

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