Zaidat Ibrahim
Young African in Public Service

EDUCATION: Mount Holyoke College

Zaidat Ibrahim was born in Abuja, Nigeria. Through the enormous support of the Education USA Program (USAP)which selects bright but economically disadvantaged students from Nigeria, she gained a scholarship to study at Mount Holyoke College, in Massachusetts.  A highly driven young lady, Zaidat is a passionate about healthcare, education and youth empowerment. She has found ways to combine these interests and is still seeking out more ways to continue on this path.

Her current activities/project includes working at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Pulmonary and Critical care unit where she works with a team of health professionals to manage/supports patients with lung diseases. In addition, she volunteers her time working for Opportunity Desk (an organization that provides up to date information on global opportunities for youths) and ConnectMed (a newly launched telemedicine startup based in South Africa).

In the past, during her time at Mount Holyoke College, she dedicated some of her time to tutoring young Somalis immigrants in Springfield Massachusetts. Aided by the United Nations Volunteering (UNV) online site, she worked closely with several Health and Educations NGOs in Nigeria. For these NGOs she blogged on latest health care news in Nigeria and Africa as well as fundraised for HIV/AIDS research and orphan education.  As a USAP Alumna, she also spent time mentoring young and upcoming USAP cohorts.

She strongly believes that as citizens of the world, it is imperative that we contribute our time and energy, no matter how little, into making the world a better place. She finds her strength in the sayings of Mohammed Ali “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth".

Her hard work and tenacity has been lauded and recognized. She was nominated for the Opportunity Desk Young Person of the Month in December 2014. She was recently awarded the Partners in Excellence Award for her outstanding performance and commitment to excellence in providing quality treatment and service to patients and promoting the Partners HealthCare mission.

She has been a dedicated and hardworking team member of Opportunity Desk. In her words: “Opportunity Desk holds a dear place in my heart, I believe that just as I have been granted an opportunity to study in America, I believe other youths around the world deserve a chance at such great opportunities and much more. Reading and hearing of the success stories from youths who use Opportunity Desk is simply satisfying. ”

Zaidat currently resides in Boston.

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