Farida Nabourema
Young African in Leadership

EDUCATION: International Relations | American University

Social activist and blogger, Farida Nabourema hails from the West African country of Togo.  Since her teenage years, she has been a fearless advocate for democracy and Human Rights in Africa, especially in her homeland. With thousands of followers and through over 200 articles written on her blog and other sites, Farida denounces corruption, bad governance and neocolonialism. Known for the sharpness of her pen and tongue, she has organized numerous protests to denounce the abuses of totalitarian regimes and international institutions that prey on vulnerable African people.

In 2014, Farida published a book in French titled La Pression de l’oppression (The Pressure of Oppression) in which she discussed the different forms of oppressions that people face in Africa, and highlighted the necessity for youths and women to be politically aware and engaged. As a strong advocate of pan-Africanism, Farida would like to see the new generation of Africans break the virtual borders that were established by colonial powers

In her second book “The Horror of French colonialism in Africa”, to be released in fall 2016, Farida tells the uncensored story of colonialism in African former French colonies.  She believes the lessons learnt from that dark area of the continent can positively influence youths who need to be aware of the sacrifices made by former generations to secure their self-determination and preserve their identity. 

Farida is also the founder of Nyafa, a startup business which will provide access to thousands of books to registered users in Africa. Her goal is to strengthen literacy and research on the continent by making educational materials accessible to all.

Farida studied International Relations at American University in Washington D.C and and currently resides in Minnesota.

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