Kofi Tonto


On behalf of African Youth Excellence, Inc. (AYE), I welcome you to join our efforts to add to the skills of young Africans. We are proud of our role in serving young Africans in our community and beyond. In many ways, AYE is distinct from other youth organizations. We embrace the culture of excellence and professionalism in order to help young Africans develop skills that are relevant to today’s economy.

Recently, I was turned down for a job at a major company in Boston. According to the interviewer, I exhibited a greater understanding of the duties, but lacked the level of technical skills required to execute the job. I missed a life changing opportunity because I was not an advanced user of a specific software.

My story is not peculiar to other young Africans. In fact, many young Africans have settled for less. Very few have acquired relevant skills or are challenging themselves in areas that can position them to be among the best in corporate America. As a youth advocacy organization, we will empower, support, and publicly reward young Africans who are pursuing excellence in order to redirect their focus. Our commitment to youth excellence is grounded in the belief that every African Youth has a unique potential.

At AYE, we believe that our mission is a great cause; yours is a genuine commitment to support its implementation. We pursue this cause because it is a worthy purpose for our society. To join us on this journey, kindly visit our website to learn more about us and how you can support our initiatives.

Kofi Tonto
Founder/ Executive Director, AYE

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